Stainless Steel Pipe Screens

Bongs, Pipes and Rigs

Lakeview – Brass Pipe Screens-


Brass Pipe Screens


One Hitter – The RYOT micro-dose inhaler


Made of Glass Comes in Assorted Colors


Length – 2.5 Inches Assorted colors Made of glass.


The Cob Pipe




29″ 9mm Cartel Glass Bong


Available Sizes: 14mm Male | Use With: Dry Herb Handle on Stem for Safe Handling Built-in Ash Catcher


Use: Concentrates Size: 9″ 14mm Female Joint Fixed Diffused Downstem Colourful Glass Accents Sponge Percolator Quartz Banger Nail (included) Assorted Colours (Note: Colours may vary)


Immerse yourself with the hieroglyphics of the aztec empire with this bong series. 14″ height 7mm thickness Comes with a bowl and downstem Glow in the dark feature Designs are subject to availability


This 9 Inches Dab Rig with cylindrical Perc is simple in design, yet effective in function. As you inhale from the flared mouthpiece, smoke will travel from the 14mm female joint and into the main chamber. Within the main chamber, the smoke percolates in larger bubbles. This is because the smoke is directly injected into [...]

Bongs, Pipes and Rigs

6.5″ Hilt Rig With Banger


This rig is made from handblown, borosilicate glass. This small rig is only .5 inches in height and provides flavorful hits.


A blue water pipe from Red Eye Glass with a bubble base, a funnel bowl and a diffuser downstem. Available in two sizes.