The BIC lighter is recognized as a worldwide leader in producing a safe, reliable flame for millions of consumers every day. In more than 160 countries around the world, BIC has sold more than 15 billion lighters. With up to 3,000 lights per lighter provides a great consumer value. Each BIC Lighter is child-resistant, safe [...]


Refillable pocket-size mini lighters by Bic with contrasting designs of classic assorted colors.


Refillable Butane Torches While the Stealth has the sculptural sophistication of a modern art piece, it also has the functionality and durability of an everyday kitchen tool. Built with an adjustable and precise flame, it aims to please in a plethora of uses. The Stealth is impressively lightweight and equipped with a comfortable grip. It [...]


Refillable and easy to conceal, these limited-edition Clipper Lighters are made with convenience in mind. A top name brand in the cannabis and tobacco industry, you can rest assured that these lighters are made with the best materials. With replaceable flints and refillable containers, these lighters are made to withstand the test of time.