Piranha Plasma electronic lighters are known by various names such as USB Arc Lighters or E-Lighters. E-lighters are eco-friendly as they don’t use any butane for their “flame”. Piranha Plasma lighters are windproof with an iconic electric beam that won’t blow out, even in the windiest conditions. Even a tornado won’t put a damper on [...]


Bee Line is without a doubt the finest hemp wick in the world. Certified Organic Hemp Wick and every inch of Bee Line hemp is harvested by hand in the rolling hills of Eastern Europe before being bathed in fresh beeswax collected at a neighbouring sustainable farm. But let’s be honest, the best part about [...]


Refillable pocket-size mini lighters by Bic with contrasting designs of classic assorted colors.


Eco-Friendly Bees waxed Hemp Wick Hemptique designs the finest quality Eco-Chic beeswaxed hemp wick! Hemptique’s Eco-Friendly and multipurpose Bees waxed Hemp Wick can be used in many exciting ways and is great for lighting fine herbs, tobacco pipes, candles, barbeques and more. NOTE: Due to the manufacturing process, hemp wick cord may be lighter or [...]