Use: Concentrates Dual Quartz Atomizer Compact Design Functional Coil Cap Leak-Proof Chamber Protective Atomizer Tube Short-Circuit Prevention


Use: Concentrates 3 Coil Options: Dual Quartz Rod, Ceramic Donut, Triple Quartz Rod Micro USB Charging Built-In Dab Jar (in base of battery) Battery Capacity: 1100mah Battery Voltage: 3.8V (at full charge) Battery Wattage: 25W (at full charge) Battery Protections: Low Voltage – 10 Consecutive Blinks (Needs to recharge) Short Circuit – 3 Consecutive Blinks [...]


Available Sizes: 14mm Male | Use With: Dry Herb Handle on Stem for Safe Handling Built-in Ash Catcher


Use: Concentrates Size: 9″ 14mm Female Joint Fixed Diffused Downstem Colourful Glass Accents Sponge Percolator Quartz Banger Nail (included) Assorted Colours (Note: Colours may vary)


Max capacity: 100g / Readability: 0.01g Weighing Units: g / oz / ozt / dwt / ct / gn Easy One-Touch Calibration Power Saving Auto-Off 10 Year Limited Warranty Available in Black

Rolling papers, Cones and Filters

King Palm Slim Pre-roll pouch- 5pk


5 per Pack Natural Leaf Wraps Does not Contain any Preservatives, Artificial Flavours, or Glue Each Pack Includes Bamboo Packing Stick One Year Fresh Guarantee Pre-installed Corn Husk Filter Slim Holds: 1.5 Grams


Size: 3cm x 5cm x 3cm Stores 6 Cartridges Store Dab Tools Single Aluminum Block Silver Polished Design Crafted in Aluminum Polished Finish


3 Pre-Rolled Cones by Raw measuring 110 mm long, made from pure hemp with a non-toxic acacia gum line and including a 26 mm filter tip.

Rolling papers, Cones and Filters

RAW – Organic Hemp Pre-Rolled Cones 1.25 – 6pk


Brown unrefined 98-mm x 20 mm pre-rolled cones. Available in one- and two-packs


Immerse yourself with the hieroglyphics of the aztec empire with this bong series. 14″ height 7mm thickness Comes with a bowl and downstem Glow in the dark feature Designs are subject to availability


This 9 Inches Dab Rig with cylindrical Perc is simple in design, yet effective in function. As you inhale from the flared mouthpiece, smoke will travel from the 14mm female joint and into the main chamber. Within the main chamber, the smoke percolates in larger bubbles. This is because the smoke is directly injected into [...]

Bongs, Pipes and Rigs

6.5″ Hilt Rig With Banger


This rig is made from handblown, borosilicate glass. This small rig is only .5 inches in height and provides flavorful hits.

Rolling papers, Cones and Filters

King Palm Organic 5 Slim – 15 Pack


King Palm Organic Pre-Rolled Wraps are 100% Tobacco & Chemical Free made with super slow burning real palm leaves. These rolls are pre-built with natural corn husk crutch filled with your favourite herbs and zero chemicals. Enjoy the smooth taste of pre-rolled wraps by King Palm.

Rolling papers, Cones and Filters

Zig Zag-Kutcorners Slow-Burning Rolling Papers-White


Classic Zig Zag white corners, are a Single wide slow burning rolling paper. Made with natural flax plant fibers with a 100% natural gum Arabic glue. 32 sheets per booklet.


A lightweight orange acrylic grinder from Storz & Bickel with sharp teeth that can hold up to 3 grams of dried flower.


For use with 510 cartridges, the Spinach 510 thread battery comes with a USB charger.


A blue water pipe from Red Eye Glass with a bubble base, a funnel bowl and a diffuser downstem. Available in two sizes.