The GRAV Ellipse ashtray may have a simple purpose, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a work of art. From the side, this designer ashtray appears clear. But from the top down, the mirror backing creates an iridescent effect of shimmering blues, pinks, purples, and yellows. The large groove can hold a cigarette, joint, [...]


Miss Green Queen herbal infusion brownie kits take the guesswork out of edibles so you can get the most out of your herb. 93% faster than traditional infusion methods – your Green Queen brownies are ready to eat in 1 hour. Their patent pending formula features a complex mixture of carboxylic acids which aid in [...]


These fun blue and purple crystal ashtrays resemble Geodes that have been cut in half with colour toned crystal forms. Completely safe, you can enjoy the use of these fun ashtrays with ease. Gemstone ashtrays are beautifully hand painted made of solid resin with a width of 4.5″ standing almost 1.5″ tall.


Raw King size shooter is the perfect gift for those who are tired of hand rolling or people who simply do not know or have the time to learn how to hand roll. This can roll one, two, or six king size RAW cones in less than one minute.


INDICA | THC: 65.5 % | CBD: 0 %